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Six Tips to Jog in Florence

Jogging in a crowded city with hardly enought sidewalk space can be frustrating and dangerous. Luckily, Florence offers scenic routes where jogging is safe and enjoyable. Walking in the city center in the morning or evening, you are likely to encounter individuals in their sportswear, especially in parks and along the Arno. Here are six tips to maximize your jogging experience in the capital of art, along with specific routes you can take.

1) To avoid pollution, the best place to run is along the Arno. To avoid pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it is better to jog along the banks of the river and not on the street. The riverbanks can be easily accessed from Lungarno Cellini, on the other side of the Arno just a little outside of the city center. Jogging alongside the Arno River is not only the more “scenic route,” but it provides for excellent views of either the sunrise or sunset.

The view is great, but the air that you breathe is not as good as in the parks. However, the pollution factor is soon crossed out by the magnificent view of the historical downtown. Many tourists flock to this piazza to take photos, but jogging in this area only makes it more special.

2) Far from the view of monuments and advisable to avoid pollution is also the Cascine Park with its large, open grassy spaces along the Arno. To get to the park just run along the river from Ponte Vecchio towards the Ponte Santa Trinità; past the bridge, keep on running [...] 

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